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Here are the comments we’ve received when asking our customers “How did you rate the cleanliness of the apartment ?”. Cleanliness and tidyness is vital so we must know how you feel we are doing.

“Everything was very clean...”

“Not good - excellent...”

“Just a few things like finger prints on microwave and bread crumbs in the toaster, silly little things I know but they stuck out...”

“Good not good enough, excellent is more appropriate to describe the apartments...”

“On arrival the apartment was immaculately clean and fresh !”

“Above good, it is immaculately clean !!”

“Cleanliness of the apartment is great!”

“Excellent - spotlessly clean...”

“Spotless on arrival...”

“On stripping the bed we found the bed linen to be a little stained in places although undoubtedly clean...” - have warned the cleaner to watch for this it was a greasy mark out of the washing machine

“Dishwasher hadn’t been emptied...” - this was left by the previous guests who should empty it but it also should have been checked so we have reminded the cleaner

“Excellent. Everywhere was spotless !”

“Spotlessley clean...”

“Stained bedding” - there was a greasy mark on the duvet cover and on the fitted sheet. Had we been informed the cleaner would have been straight back out to swap but unfortunately we weren’t informed until later. The cleaner did not see these marks but has been told she must pay more attention !

“Found 1 sock and 1 ballet shoe under the bedroom drawer...” - mentioned to cleaner

“As already discussed with Jeanette the apartment was very well presented on our arrival...”

“Very clean and nicely decorated...”

“Extremely clean and well maintained...”

“Better than good...” x 2

“Always well presented décor, lovely and spotless”

“It was spotless ! Stunning...”

“Shower needs a little tlc - lower part has grubby grout” - this was bleached then re-grouted

“Whole apartment was spotless and beautifully presented. The cleaner did an amazing job !”

“Unbelievably clean...!”

“I would have put excellent if I could. Really clean & tidy...”

“The apartment is always impeccable upon arrival throughout...”

“Very clean and tidy. High standard...”

“It put my house to shame. Super clean and tidy !”

“Exceptionally fresh and clean...”

”It is obviously difficult to check all the crockery but we did find 2 of the cups and saucers in the cupboard were not clean...” -the cleaner has a limited time window and checks everything she can, in this instance previous guests must have left the cups tea stained.

“Very clean...” x 2

“The apartment was spotless...”

“Beyond good ! It was spotlessly clean !”


“Excellent...” x 10

“Excellent - not a single problem...”

“Your cleaner is very good at her job. First class...”

“It was spotless. Cleanliness is important & this is often not up to scratch but NO complaints here...”

“Very clean, brilliant, very good...”

“101% - no faults...”


“Immaculate...” x 4

“Even the slight hiccup did not alter the overall quality of cleanliness...”

“Spotless...” x 4

“Star rating awarded...”

“Very clean ! Everywhere !!”

“Interior outstandingly clean. MY only comment would be the bay window is quite dirty on the outside and it would be good if it could be cleaned...” - the windows are cleaned every 3 weeks but through the winter the wind does deposit a salt film straight back on.

“Spotless...!” x 4

“Very good, cleaner does an amazing job...”

“Pristine. Lovely to stay somewhere where it felt fine to walk about bare foot!...”


“Very good...” x 3

“Very clean - spotless...”

“Beautifully clean...”

“We found it exceptional...”

“As always - very clean...”

“Spotless - can’t fault anything...”

“Not good - excellent...” (customer added excellent column to feedback form)


“Can’t fault...”

“First class...”

“Frying pan wasn’t washed by previous guests...” - we deal with this when we can but it is difficult as not everyone uses the pans

Better than good - immaculate..” x 3

“I would say excellent as whilst this is pet friendly it is absolutely spotless...”

“Very very good”

“Almost impossible to fault but we did eventually find a few bits in the cutlery drawer - we were looking for problems though as everything was spot on !”

“Absolutely spotless !”

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Owner: Janette Lee

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