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Here are the comments we’ve received when asking our customers “Any suggested improvements would be appreciated”. We take a lot of notice of people’s feedback as we want people to keep returning - here are the improvement suggestions.

”Owner has thought of everything...”

“Bacterial wipes would be good” - we have decided no to provide these any more due to costs and amount of waste and litter. Cleaning products are anti-bacterial and if people want to use these wipes then they can obviously bring their own.

“Could you provide a cafetière for next time please?” - we’ll have a look at this

Also personally I prefer individual toiletries rather than using ones that previous guests have used. Just a few basics would suffice:- shampoo, conditioner. shower gel. Guests can then bring anything else they may require...” - we discussed this but thought with all the extra plastic waste from the bottles and waste from products being left and thrown away was probably not a good thing for the planet. We will monitor this but obviously it is self catering so guests do bring their own products and can then make a choice

“The hot water takes a long time to reach the shower in the bathroom. During that time it is tempting to increase the temperature thinking that it is set too cold. The result then is a rush of very hot water as the temperature is set much too high.” - Boiler has been checked - no issues, it is a combi boiler so there is a delay before the hot arrives

“Can’t think of anything else we could need...”

“None whatsoever, it's just perfect !!!”

“A cafetiere would be nice” - we provide the filter coffee machine so as it stands we will just monitor this to see if anyone else mentions it

“Sash windows were difficult to open and close. Bed in master bedroom could do with a softer, higher mattress and grab bar for the loo. Both were too low for one guest with mobility issues, she had trouble getting up. Otherwise it was perfect.” - we are in a conservation area so the sash windows are protected ! The mattress is medium but we fully appreciate that some people will find it too hard or possibly too soft, we have selected medium to satisfy the majority. The bed is slightly lower than standard so we will bear that in mind when we do a refresh at some point.

None - it was lovely !”

“If you could move one of the food shops a little bit nearer so that it was within easy walking distance that would mean we wouldn't have to use the car and lose our parking slot (only joking!). How can you improve this apartment. The location is superb and within easy reach of the sea front and aptly named Kyber Pass. Access is easy as its on the ground floor. The key and parking ticketing arrangements worked perfectly during our stay and made life incredibly easy for us. Having milk, tea bags and some lovely biscuits on arrival made us feel welcomed and is an extremely thoughtful touch. Our only mistake was not booking longer, we enjoyed ourselves so much !”

“We found the bed a bit firm but perhaps that is just us. We moved 2 dining chairs into the bedroom for the duration as there was nowhere to put clothes at bed time. So a couple of stools ?” - we’ll see if anyone else mentions something like this

“Perhaps a way of being able to isolate the heated towel rails. (We didn't need to turn the heating on at all, but just having the facility to heat the towel rail for the odd half hour would have been useful.)” - this is possible, I’ve explained how to do it !

“It seems a shame that the shower cubicle is so small in such a roomy bathroom.” - we do agree but this is how it was built ! To swap out the cubicle would be quite expensive but if/when we do we will install a larger one.

“More hand towels” - we provide a single hand towel ie. 1 per bathroom, we thought this was a good balance of being kind to the environment by providing a hand towel but not over-providing and therefore increasing the amount of laundry. We will monitor this feedback going forward

“Numbers on the key safe are hard to see....” - this is just how the make/model is

“My husband is 6'6 so we have a king size bed with sheets. We appreciate it is difficult for most holiday accommodation to fit in a king size bed so will accept a double for a few nights. The problem with a double and a quilt (with no top sheet) for us is when my husband turns over he takes the quilt with him!”

“Clothes hanging facility in bedroom area would be useful (minor detail)...” - difficult to do as there’s no room for a wardrobe, will monitor and see if anyone else mentions this.

“Can’t think of anything at all, apartment is fully equipped with everything and cleaned and decorated to a high standard already...”

“Can’t think of any !”

“Can't improve on perfection...”

“Can’t think of a thing !”

“Perhaps a fan - it was the only thing we didn't have available during our warm weather trip. The English weather never fails to amaze me.” - there is a fan in the cupboard with the hoover

“Just missed some robe hooks to hang my clothes on at night...” - robe hooks are in the dressing area between the bathroom and bedroom

Perhaps some blankets and throws for the sofas for the colder months and maybe dressing gowns or bath robes. Other than that, everything was spot on, better than we could ever have imagined” - there are some throws in the wardrobe, bathrobes are a good suggestion but the logistics of sizes and laundry might make it too difficult to implement

“We had to sprag the sash windows to stop them rattling in the wind. Maybe some rubber wedges may help.” - implemented

“Sorry nothing to write in this box !!”

We honestly can’t think of anything else we could have needed...”

“Nothing that I can think of...”

“Although the curtains in the bedroom are luxurious, I would suggest making them shorter so the heat from the radiator is not lost behind them...” -

“A fan for hotter days...”  - implemented (2015)

“We think that Wi Fi access would have been the icing on the cake, and would have paid extra for it on top of our holiday price...” - Wi-fi is now available (March 2014)

“Maybe a stool / chair to sit in front of the mirror whilst doing make-up / hair. Maybe a folding stool at the side of the wardrobe...” - implemented

“Black out blinds for the bedroom...” - spoke to customer and explained that the curtains are thick and the windows very high so reaching blinds would be difficult, customer said they thought it might be too light but in reality it wasn’t

“A fresh pint of milk to get us started off would be nice...” - implemented from 2016 as part of the welcome pack

“The bed mattress is too soft...” - we went for a medium/firm rated mattress to try and cater for most people - mattress has been replaced with a medium hotel quality one (2016)

“A small cabinet beside the wash basin...” - again we’ll monitor, there is a shelving unit which could have been used.

“Can’t think of anything...”

“Maybe a door closer on the front door (main door)...” - there is one but maybe it is in need to adjusting, we’ll review during our next visit

“Wooden or plastic chopping board” - implemented

“None - the apartment was excellent...”

“All perfect...”

“Perhaps a label on the switch for the airspa bath...” - implemented

“Perhaps a welcome pack for guests e.g. biscuits, local paper etc” - unfortunately we don’t live locally so whilst this is a nice idea currently it’s not practical for us to do

“Wi fi would be good...” - Wi-fi is now available (March 2014)

“Curtain liner in bedroom would be good as light on a morning wakes you early...” - there is a voile curtain but also a set of fully lined curtains, customer hadn’t used these.

“Excellent service providing toiletries but would have liked some space to store personal items - didn't like to use window ledge. Possibly one shelf in corner unit left empty...” - toiletry stand is used for complimentary items, shelf above toilet for personal ones. Will watch for further comments.

“Only fault if you can call it that, as everything first class is there are no champagne flutes - I’m a serial Cava drinker” - implemented

“A summer duvet would be beneficial...” - Weather was exceptional for this country! Unfortunately, we don't have the storage space to have 2 duvets per bed, it would also be very difficult to predict the temperatures in order to decide which duvet to use. Suggested quilt cover could be used without quilt and we also do provide a fleece blanket which could have been used as an alternative. We have updated the holiday pack to reflect this.

“Took us a while to work out the bath plug - perhaps a note about it in the holiday pack “ - updated and implemented

“Add Sainsburys to holiday pack” - updated and implemented in all apartments

“Add train at Ruswarp and boat hire” - updated and implemented in all apartments

“The following would make it even better - Bath safety mat and ice cream scoop” -there is a bath mat, ice cream scoops purchased and implemented in all apartments

“White fluffy towels...” - grey is a contrast and we think white would soon look off-white

“You have everything beautiful...”

“Front windows needed cleaning, otherwise faultless” - explained that the windows are cleaned fortnightly but with the sea air it is difficult to keep them spotless

“4 slice Toaster, Another bath mat so you don't have to move between shower and bath...” - only a 1 bedroom apartment hence 2 slice toaster but will consider updating when this needs replacing. We try to keep laundry costs down and an extra bath mat would increase the costs but we will monitor for any future comments

“Bed a bit uncomfortable for us” - mattresses replaced in all apartments in 2016 with medium firmness, contract quality hotel mattresses, good feedback so far

“Don’t need any...”

“Very good - none required...”

“Couldn't find a vase for flowers, perhaps I was looking in the wrong place! Tomato soup stains plastic jug - a glass one may be preferable...” - there is a vase in one of the kitchen cupboards. Glass jug and new plastic one bought.

“None I could think of - Wi-Fi a great addition !!” - this has been mentioned by many people, Wi-Fi is now available in all apartments

“None - you seem to have covered everything !”

“Foam mattress topper” - mattresses replaced in all apartments in 2016 with medium firmness, contract quality hotel mattresses, good feedback so far

“No - couldn't suggest any improvements - it's such a lovely place !”

“Really can't think of anything that would have improved our stay - just perfect…”

“You should make another box so people can tick excellent - good is not enough...”

“None ! You have thought of everything !!”

“Don’t know how you can improve on perfection !!”

“Don't think you can improve on anything !”

“I can't think of any !!! I'll have a closer look this year !!”

“If it aint broke - don't fix it !!”

“We cannot think of anything that would have improved our stay !”

“We can’t think of anything !”

“We found the duvet cover too warm, having checked the tog rating at 13.5 !!! We would recommend a much lower tog for the summer months” - see above ref the summer quilt comments, the holiday pack has been updated to say if people are too hot take the quilt out and use the duvet cover on its own

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Owner: Janette Lee

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