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Here are the comments we’ve received when asking our customers “Was the correspondence received about your holiday clear and understandable?”. We provide formal receipts, comprehensive arrival details and a full content list to help people prepare for, get to and enjoy their stay.

“Perfectly laid out and clear set of instructions. We had no trouble finding the apartment, access was straightforward and the various items that required attending to during and at the end of our stay were easily followed...”

“Very clear and comprehensive...”

“Very clear and appropriate...”

“Everything clear...”

“Very comprehensive and easy to follow...”

“Excellent could not have been any better...”

“Always very good !”

“Very clear and concise...”

“Correspondence clear and concise...”

“And quick...”

“Better than good...”

“Very clear and very helpful and friendly...”

“Everything was well explained and easily understood...”

“Always exceptional, both Chris & Janette are very friendly and helpful”

“We received great correspondence, very clear instructions and prompt replies”

“Very clear with back up information if things go wrong...”

“I was extremely impressed with the correspondence received and the level of communication from Janette and Chris. I felt supported all the way and very much in the know.”

“Fantastic communication all round, especially to say we were a late booking !”

“Clear, concise friendly communication and we were kept updated...”

“So much information and very easy to understand...”

“Brilliant, everything you need to know is very well explained...”

“Very clear with back up information if things go wrong...”

“Very clear, helpful and timely...”

“Very clear, useful and flexible...”

“Instant response - even for a late booking...”

“We booked the apartment so late, literally the last minute. Your communication via email and phone was excellent...”

“Excellent...” x 6

“Very clear...”

“All we needed...”

“Excellent and clear...”

“Felt well prepared for our time there...”

“Very detailed and easy to understand...”

“Excellent communication and info...”

“Very good instructions...” x 2

“Spot on....” x 2

“Very comprehensive...” x 2

“Very friendly, had lots of time to talk about Whitby and the apartment ...”

“And thank you again for being so understanding when we nearly changed dates....”

“Very clear and easy to read...”

“Very prompt email responses...”

“Yes very much so...”

“Very good...”

“1st class communications...”

“Easy to understand...”

“Not good - excellent...” (customer added excellent column to feedback form) x 3

“Extremely thorough...”

“You were both very helpful...”

“You should make another box so people can tick excellent - good is not enough...”

“Great communications...”

“Everything explained very clearly...”

“Everything explained very clearly...”

“Informative and well organised but friendly...”

“Very impressed with the correspondence - very clear...”

“Really good communication regarding and arrival at the apartment...”

“Very good - absolutely marvellous !”

“There is an awful lot of information so hard to find what you want quickly. A summary of key points would be good...”

“Excellent and very informative...”

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Owner: Janette Lee

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