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Here are the comments we’ve received when asking our customers “Did you find the apartment well equipped ?”. The apartment is exceptionally equipped but we may have missed something !

”Above and beyond anybody's needs but well appreciated...”

“Yes, we do bring our own bacteria wipes, could be good for other guests who don’t, and wasn’t any tea towels, again we bring our own to put dogs water bowl on...” - we don’t provide anti-bacterial wipes any more although all cleaning products are anti-bacterial. The tea towels were hung up behind the door

“The apartment was very well equipped with everything we needed...”

“It has everything you need for a comfortable break...”

“Excellent there is everything you need and things I wouldn’t even think of bringing...”

“Absolutely everything you could imagine you may need was there and then some! The toiletries provided were a lovely touch and spare everything was available if required...”

“Very well equipped...”

“Exceptionally well equipped. Much better than good !”

“Everything you needed was here, fabulous ! They have really thought the amenities out well !”

“Excellent, well provided for !”

“Excellent !” x 2

“The kitchen was extremely well equipped and as we like cooking on holiday it was a pleasure to have everything required. The rest of the apartment was also well supplied with everything you need for a holiday by the sea. We would have liked to have had two hand towels, but that is small point...” - we used to provide 2 hand towels but in trying to be more environmentally friendly which was supported by feedback we moved to just 1

“Very good as usual...”

“Excellent. It had everything needed and more. Everything in order, well stored and easy to find...”

“Love the fact that you have to pack virtually no toiletries...”

“Excellent everything catered for and good quality too !”


“Well equipped with everything you would need...”

”A spare toilet roll would be nice” - whilst this is self catering there should have been a spare provided, this was an oversight

“Absolutely stacked with everything anyone could possibly need on a holiday in Whitby!”

“Everything you can imagine you might need and more !...”

“Everything that you could possibly need was there (and even some things that you didn’t know you needed !)”

“Better than good...”

“Better than good, excellent !” x 2

“Above and beyond !”

“Everything you could want and more would recommend everybody read the apartment contents list as it will free up a lot of suitcase space from items you no longer need to take...”

“Everything you need and more with toiletries and kitchen utensils galore”

“Absolutely everything thought of - fantastic...”

“Next time we will only bring clothes. Milk in the fridge was very welcome !”

“Anything we may have required and more ! Fantastic stash of childrens toys for rainy days. It was also lovely to find milk, coffee and biscuits waiting when we arrived :)”

“Minor thing, we could not find the cheese grater. We did not use the home cinema “ - we did find it on our next maintenance visit

“Yes as always. Well equipped to suit any family type !”

“Well above the average...”

“Better than good ! Think of something you may need on holiday and it will be there as all your needs  have been anticipated !”

“Better than good !”

“Cannot fault it, everything you could wish for is there. The owners think of every detail and those items we forgot to bring, you can be assured they will be there...”

“More than good, above and beyond would be better. Every need catered for and some you wouldn't expect...”

“Excellent. More than we have at home in some cases...”

“Equipped to the highest standard and more...”

“Again, good doesn't really cover it ! I'd say exceptionally well equipped. You’ve thought of everything and more...”

“You have provided everything you could ever need which is unusual but very nice touch, thank you...”

“Attention to detail was astounding. Chris & Janette have thought of everything, we wanted for nothing !!”

“Best we have stayed in by a country mile !”

“Everything you need and more, every little thing has been carefully thought about !” x 3

“Better than good !Think of something you may need on holiday and it will be there as all your needs  have been anticipated !”

“Could not have been any better equipped...”

“Everything needed was there...”

“In addition to your penthouse apartment, this is the best equipped self-catering apartment we’ve had. Excellent...”

“Excellent ! Very well equipped...”

“Oh yes !...”

“Excellent...” x 5

“Best equipped apartment we have stopped in...” x 2

“Everything we needed plus loads more...” x 2

“Best yet...”

“Exceptional...” x 3

“Absolutely brilliant - thought of everything...”

“Again 101% - no issue...”

“Everything and more...”

“Very well equipped - the only thing I would implement is plastic/wooden chopping boards...” - now implemented !!

“Home from home...”


“We needed vegetable oil for cooking but there wasn’t any...” (usually there is some but previous guests must have used it up)

“Equipped to the highest standards...”

“Star rating awarded !”

“Yes ! Yes !!”

“Amazingly so ! You have thought about everything !!!” x 2

“Too well equipped...”

“Nice you can get a drink when you get here without having to unpack...”

“Yes, although you do need a new tin opener...” - now implemented

“More than sufficient!...”

“Have NEVER stayed in an apartment so well equipped!...”

“Exceptional...” x 2

“Yes very good...”

“Couldn’t ask for more...”

“You have really thought of everything - there was nothing I had to bring with me...”

“Not good - excellent...” (customer added excellent column to feedback form) x 2

“Absolutely home from home...”

“Everything you could think of was available...”

“Excellent - we even found chopsticks to eat our Thai food !”

“Only 1 toilet roll...” - this is all we provide as this is self catering and is documented in the content list that we send out.

“Felt guilty for not cooking much !!”

“Very well equipped...” x 2

“The apartment is very well equipped, there is everything you need and more, a lot of consideration has been put into what guests may require...”

“Everything you need and MORE !”

“Couldn't believe how well equipped it was !”

“Everything we could possibly need was here ! All the equipment was hi-tech and made the apartment feel very modern and luxurious !”

“There is absolutely everything anyone could need for a trip away from home, perfect !”

“One loo roll is not enough. As we do tend to cook quite a bit, 2 tea towels aren't quite enough for us. It's great to have a really large fridge.” - see above ref loo rolls, extra tea towels hasn’t been mentioned previously given the dishwasher and free dishwasher tablets

“Everything you could possibly need !”

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Owner: Janette Lee

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