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Here are the comments we’ve received when asking our customers “Was the “holiday pack” useful ?”. In the apartment is a holiday pack that covers the everything in the apartment, Whitby itself, restaurants/pubs and things to do in and around Whitby.

”You encourage people to read this and it makes a lot of things clear. You've obviously put a lot of work into it...” - this is hard to maintain but we do think that guests find it useful, thank you for your comments...

“Always �� Dogs said thank you for the treats xx”

“This gave us a selection of places to visit and restaurants to eat in which we used several times , up to date menus was a great help when choosing where to eat we were not disappointed with our choices...”

“It was very welcome and much appreciated...”

“Definitely, the menus for the local eateries was particularly great. We tried a pub we didn't know about for our special birthday meal and it was brilliant !”

“No milk - we were ok but it was advertised...” - mistake by the cleaner, was rectified as soon as we found out

“Perhaps you don't need the menus in the lever arch file, just the list of places to eat and phone numbers. You could put the cafes, takeaways, restaurants etc into different categories with a brief description of each. Just a thought. Menus go out of date quickly as do the pricing and most menus are available on-line anyway...” - very interesting suggestion, some people have commented about how they love leafing through the menus so we are going to summarise the restaurants in the holiday pack and for now keep the menus and see what other people think !

“A file with instructions and explanations of where things were and another file with information about Whitby and how to get the best out of our holiday. Really easy to obtain the keys from the key safe....”

“Really useful, especially for first time visitors to Whitby...”

“Nice to arrive and be able to have a drink and biscuit !...”

“Above and beyond...”

“Useful & very welcome...”

“Excellent, for anyone visiting whitby for the first time a must.”

“Always great to arrive to milk and be able to make a drink after your journey...”

“Very thorough ! We found all the information very helpful and easy to navigate...”

“Although we didn't tour anywhere, I did read it through and found it very informative. Great for future reference...”

“Information in the pack was very useful, very detailed and well thought out !”

“Everything you need to know...”

“Especially for the restaurants !

“Excellent...” x 2

“Brilliant info...”

“Your Whitby T & C was very good too...”

“Really welcoming...”

“Very useful. Clear, with lots to do for everyone...”

“Very helpful...”

“All the booklets are really helpful - the ones in the front room to...”

“Very good...”

“Lever-arch file is on its last legs...” (must be getting well used ! Now replaced)

“Very useful...” x 3

“We found the holiday pack very useful...”


“Yes thanks !!!”

“Loved the holiday pack, all the info you would need put in one place...”

“Really helpful...”

“Only 2 nights, so didn't use fully, but very impressive!”

“It was too heavy to lift and binder rings loose. Perhaps split it?” - we have separated the holiday pack into 2 new folders

“Very much so...”

“Didn’t need - been to Whitby and Janette’s apartments so many times...”

“Great ! It even has local takeaways...”

“Not good - excellent...” (customer added excellent column to feedback form)

“Great information...” x 2

“Good !”

“Granby pub great for people with dogs...”

“Lots of useful info...”

“Very useful and informative...”

“Fantastic help, especially the dog friendly section...”

“We found it very useful giving ideas of where to go and what may be of interest...”

“Great for the first-timer but this place is like a second home to us !”

“This was very useful !”

“Only a very small point but the lever arch mechanism made it a little difficult to turn” - the holiday pack gets a lot of use and the folders need regular replacement, it has been replaced again following this comment

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Owner: Janette Lee

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