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Here are the comments we’ve received when asking our customers “Was the apartment price ‘good value for money’ ?

“Only one hand towel in the bath room , could had done with more as there was four of us at the beginning of the holiday” - we only provide 1 hand towel as there is only 1 bathroom, historically we provided more but had quite a bit of feedback suggesting that this was overkill and just increase the costs and needless washing

“Brilliant value for money !”

“Excellent...” x 6

“Excellent value for money , Stunning location with sea view . The apartment was much larger than we had anticipated containing everything you would ever need and things you never would have thought of...”

“Absolutely beautiful apartment...”

“Excellent value for the size, location and everything that's included...”

“Excellent value for money !!!”

“Yes as we did our own breakfast and lunches we had more money for dinners and treats !!!”

“But please don't put the price up until we have stayed again!” - :-) we haven’t increased prices for 4 years now

“Up to date appliances and furniture, decor was excellent, such good taste. Homely extras like pictures are minimal but adding that bit extra...”

“good value for 4 but 2 - described as sleeping 4 but really only suitable for 2 people sharing double bedroom because of apartment layout and access to bathroom is only via bedroom not suitable for more. Anyone sleeping on sofa beds wishing to use toilet during night would disturb bedroom occupants .” - frustrating feedback as the couple booked the week (which was in the school holidays) so knew the price and had seen all the photos etc on the website. The comment about accessing the bathroom through the bedroom is correct so we never take a booking for 4 people without pointing this out and many have stayed and not had a problem ! For this guest there was only 2 of them and they only used the double bed so the comment is almost unnecessary !!

“We thought the apartment was very well equipped and thought out, and lovely and warm on the cold days, lovely bathroom, our only disappointment was the comfort of the bed and settees as they are the places you relax and we didn't get any of that on those, sorry to say...” - this is strange for us, the mattress is high quality (and used in all our apartments) and everyone who has stayed and used the new mattresses in all our apartments has liked them, no one has ever complained about the sofas either. We will check both on our next visit.  - Update 8/11: Mattress has just been replaced

“Fantastic value...”

“Absolutely !”

“Better than good...”

“Very good !” x 2

“Excellent value, the best apartment we have stayed in...”

“Excellent, for what you provide and the standard of the apartment I consider it excellent value...”

“We wouldn't keep coming back if it wasn't !”

“Fantastic value for money..... I did a little comparison and a double room at Wetherspoons for the same dates was £xxx...”

“The apartment was slightly more than some but there were others far more expensive. We both felt that for the experience we had, the beautiful presentation, the attention to detail, the plethora of quality items including the jacuzzi bath, the incredible service we received and the location, it was more than worth the price !”

“Top class facility, would not stay anywhere else in Whitby...”

“Very good value for money...” x 2

“Perhaps more expensive than a B&B but much better equipped, home from home, more relaxing and you can have your breakfast at lunch time. That’s what holidays are all about so YES good value...”

“Initial thought was a bit expensive for out of season but the apartment so well equipped and presented it’s worth it...”

“Excellent ! The apartment is at the upper-end of the price scale compared to some others but you get  what you pay for and it was worth every penny. I am very fussy when I am away from home about hygiene and my fixtures and fittings but can honestly say, no complaints here, in fact, I am looking forward to going home and doing some home improvements myself...”

“Great location ! Perfect for our needs !”

“Too cheap for what you get !”

“Hope to come again next year...”

“Worth every penny...”

“It was superb and priced well...”

“Yes, very reasonable...” x 2

“As with anything related to price, one would always say less is more...”

“Would be better value for a week - still good value though as so well equipped for the baby...”

“Maybe slightly more than we would normally spend...”

“Yes !!” (good) x 2

“Value for money is excellent ! Very high standard of accommodation and well worth the investment...”

“Yes thanks”

“I don’t make comparisons but I think so...!”

“Definitely, yes...”

“Very good...”

“Didn’t know the price as it was a gift...”

“Great value...” x 3

“For a weeks stay it is great value but 2 nights was a bit expensive for me...” - customer had a short break during most expensive week and took a dog which pushed the price up slightly.

“Not good - excellent...” (customer added excellent column to feedback form)

“Best self catering we have stayed in !”

“Excellent value...” x 2

“Cosy and comfortabvle. Even though we were both ill we made the best of our holiday and having such a lovely apartment to snuggle up in made all the difference !!”

“Looking after returning customers is a good idea !”

“We thought it was excellent value...”

“Have paid more for b and b's in the past and they aren't a patch on here !”

“Very good and it's brilliant we can have the extra night” - we offered a spare night that was available between bookings

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Owner: Janette Lee

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